Using the API sandbox

The sandbox is a testing environment that you can use to aid your integration of the TinEye Commercial API. We recommend that you test your requests and whether your code handles responses properly before using the production API. Searches done using the sandbox will not count toward your search limit.

API keys

The sandbox requires the use of this set of public and private keys:

Private Key 6mm60lsCNIB,FwOWjJqA80QZHh9BMwc-ber4u=t^
Public Key LCkn,2K7osVwkX95K4Oy

Differences between the sandbox and production environments


The remaining_searches method returns a canned JSON string which is formatted like the actual response:

    "stats": {
        "timestamp": "1488838231.72",
        "query_time": "0.11"
    "code": 200,
    "messages": [],
    "results": {
        "bundles": [
                "remaining_searches": 5000,
                "start_date": "2017-03-06 17:10:31 UTC",
                "expire_date": "2019-03-06 17:10:31 UTC"
        "total_remaining_searches": 5000


There are no differences between the sandbox and production versions.

Verify HMAC-SHA256 signature

To verify whether your generated HMAC-SHA256 signature is correct, please use this site: