TinEye API


The TinEye API provides a programmatic interface to search the complete TinEye index. Search results contain all the information given for searches done through TinEye reverse image search:

  • a count of the total number of matches
  • a direct URL to each matching image
  • the URL of the page where each match was found
  • if the source is a collection or stock site
  • the score for the individual match
  • a link to the ‘compare images’ overlay image

API Description

The service is delivered over HTTP or HTTPS as a REST API with responses delivered in JSON format.

The API is completely independent of your operating system, database system or development language. We provide and support API libraries in many development languages in order to make it even easier to integrate. You can see our current library list here.

Two good introductions to REST are xfront.com/REST-Web-Services.html and infoq.com/articles/rest-introduction.

More information on JSON can be found at json.org and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSON.

You can also view Libraries for the API, or read our developer FAQs.


If you require assistance or have questions, please get in touch or drop us an email at support@tineye.com.