Getting started

Intended audience for the TinEye API

The API is a programmatic way of accessing the reverse image search results you can sample at TinEye. To interface with our API you need to develop your own application, which requires some programming skill (REST, JSON, HTTP, etc).

You can also search for images directly from the browser, if you don’t want or need to develop a custom application by using the online search interface at

Writing code to call the API

Once all preparations are complete, write the code to call the API. Make sure your code calls our API from a server-side script, as client-side requests expose your key to the end-user. Each request to the TinEye API must be authenticated or it will be rejected.

We recommend testing your requests using the sandbox environment before using the production API.

Purchasing a search bundle

To run live searches from your code you need to purchase a search bundle.

Contacting us

If you require assistance or have questions, please get in touch or drop us an email at