General TinEye use

For general TinEye use, please refer to our TinEye FAQs.


TinEye Commercial API Errors

Why is authentication failing?

Possible reasons can be found on Authentication. If that doesn’t help, please contact us with details of your TinEye Commercial API request and the response.

“You have exceeded your 30 search quota (will reset <date> UTC)”

The API limits you to 30 searches per minute. The timestamp tells you when you will be able to search again.

“Request time is too skewed from server time”

The signature attached to a TinEye Commercial API request includes a time and date stamp. If that differs from UTC time by more than 15 minutes, the request will fail.

“The provided signature is not valid”

The signature attached to the TinEye Commercial API request was incorrect, perhaps because it used the wrong hashing function, or it hashed the wrong values.

TinEye Commercial API Billing

Will I be re-billed automatically once the expiry date is reached, or do I need to cancel in advance?

Billing for the TinEye Commercial API is only by search bundle purchase. Bundles expire after two years, and there is no automatic re-billing. You need to purchase another search bundle in order to continue using the service.

Is there a way to test the API without having searches counted towards the limit?

You can use the TinEye Commercial API Sandbox to test your ability to interact with the API server without being charged.