POST update_metadata

Update the metadata for a list of images already present in your collection.

Resource URL<company>/rest/update_metadata/


The MulticolorEngine API can perform one add, delete, or update operation at a time. Any extra requests submitted will be queued up for processing as slots become available.

Metadata limitations

The metadata keywords can contain any character. However, some characters need to be escaped when using the JSON or XML protocol (see the Character escaping and Handling Unicode sections under Metadata format).

When calling update_metadata for an image all previous metadata associated with that image will be discarded. It is not possible to do partial metadata updates. This method can be also used to delete the metadata associated with an image.


Key Description
filepath A filepath under which the image file was added to the collection.
metadata A hierarchical set of keywords to be stored along with the first image file. Can be sent using either XML or JSON format.

Request example

curl<company>/rest/update_metadata/      \
     -F "filepath=path/folder/1.jpg"                                          \
     -F "metadata='{\"keywords\": [\"whale\", \"shark\", \"octopus\"], \"id\": {\"action\": \"return\", \"type\": \"uint\", \"\": \"54321\"}}'"

Response example


    "status": "ok",
    "error": [],
    "method": "update_metadata",
    "result": []


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>