Getting started


Before you begin to use the MulticolorEngine API, make sure you have the following:

  • Basic programming skills (REST, JSON or XML, HTTP request and responses)
  • A server with a static IP


Implementation of the MulticolorEngine API involves the following steps:

  1. Provide us with the static IP addresses of your server(s) (recommended)
  2. Read the API documentation
  3. Write code to call the API

Reading the API documentation

Make sure to go over the API documentation before you begin writing code. Some parameters are optional and some can potentially slow down your searches.

The documentation is also a good place to find additional information on the API such as supported image types and API method limitations.

Writing code to call the API

Once all preparations are complete, write the code to call the API. Make sure your code calls our API from a server-side script. Calling the API from your users’ client would expose your password, and allow anyone to delete your images or add their own. It would also prevent the use of the more secure IP authentication.

Contacting us

If you require assistance or have questions, please get in touch or drop us an email at