Preparing your images for TinEye Alerts

Before sending us your collection, your images must meet the following criteria to work with TinEye Alerts.

Image requirements

Images 600 pixels or larger on both sides are best

Smaller images might work, but may not give as many matches.

JPEG, PNG, GIF & TIFF are all acceptable file formats

No animated GIFs.

Image names should be meaningful

File paths are visible and searchable in TinEye Alerts, so meaningful names are more useful.

Images cannot be rotated or flipped

No watermarks, additional text, logos or borders

No duplicate file paths

If you need to have two images with the same name, they must be in different folders.

For example, do not submit:

Do not submit images with watermarks

Images with watermarks.

Do not submit images with borders

Images with borders.

Do not submit images with incorrect rotation

Images that are rotated.

Acceptable images have correct rotation, do not have text or watermarks and are 600 pixels or larger on each side.

Start today and see where your images are being used.