TinEye Alerts tracks where and how your images appear online

TinEye Alerts constantly crawls the web and delivers daily reports showing you exactly where your images appear

Extensive web coverage identifies where TinEye has found your images.

Our algorithm finds your images even if they've been modified, with no false positives.

Comprehensive daily
updates detail how your images are being used.

How it works

We continuously crawl the web for images, finding millions every day.

You upload all the images you want tracked to TinEye Alerts.

Using our image recognition technology, we compare your images to our crawled images and identify matches.

We show you where we found your images and update this information daily.

Trusted and used by small and large companies alike

With our web crawling expertise and the ability to crawl industry specific websites, we are able to deliver exceptional image tracking services to a variety of industries including automotive, apparel, real estate, standards and certifications, consumer goods manufacturing and pharmaceutical.

Daily updates including screenshots of image usage.

CSV exports of your data.

Custom crawling.

Secure - only you can see your images and where we found them.

Upload your images from your browser, or bulk upload via sFTP.

Teams can coordinate their efforts and share data.

Free training.

Pay only for the images you track

Contact us if you are interested in tracking more than 500,000 images.

First month
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Additional months
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All accounts include:

TinEye Alerts pricing

How we calculate your image tracking fees

Monthly subscription
All accounts:$300.00 /per month

Your monthly subscription fee includes unlimited users and doesn't vary with usage. You can cancel your subscription at any time without penalty.

Initial search
First 5,000 images: $0.12 /per image
5,001 to 100,000 images: $0.09 /per image
100,001 to 500,000 images: $0.06 /per image

A one-time search fee for each image you add to Alerts for tracking. As soon as you upload your images we index them using computer vision, and then we start searching. We target our crawlers to search specifically for your images. As our targeted searching continues, your results will keep getting better. We never deliver false positives.

Ongoing monitoring
First 500,000 images: $0.01 /per image
per month

Ongoing monitoring fees are charged monthly for each image you continue to track. The web is constantly growing, and our crawlers will keep searching for any new appearances of your images. You can remove images at any time to stop tracking them.

We provide awesome customer support!

We do human, not robot support! We are happy to hear from you by email or phone at +1 416.860.0330.

Q. How many images can I track with TinEye Alerts?

You can track as few or as many images you would like: we have the capacity to track collections containing millions of images or more. Pricing for TinEye Alerts is based on the number of images you upload and track.

Q. How do I upload images to TinEye Alerts?

There are two methods to upload images for monitoring in TinEye Alerts:

  • The image uploader on TinEye Alerts website
  • Private and secure FTP access that we provide with your Alerts login

The web-based image uploader has a limit of 500 images at a time. You can still use it to upload a larger image collection by doing the upload in batches, but for very large collections uploading using FTP is probably the best option.

Q. What image formats do you accept for TinEye Alerts?

We accept images in JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF formats. For more details, please review our full image preparation guidelines.

Q. How should I prepare my images for uploading to TinEye Alerts?

Ideally, your images should be at least 600 pixels or larger on each side, but if your image collection is mostly images smaller than this please contact us and we’ll see if they are suitable for tracking.

We use your filenames to identify the images in your collection, so make sure that the names are unique and that they can be used to tie in with your systems or workflows. If you are ready to upload your images but would like to make sure your images meet TinEye Alert’s requirements, please send us a few samples.

For more details, please review our full image preparation guidelines.

Q. Where do you crawl? What is your web coverage?

Like Google and other search engines, we have developed proprietary crawlers that are constantly crawling the web, looking for new images. We crawl worldwide. We do not, however, crawl social media content such as Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

Q. How do I get alerted to new image matches?

TinEye Alerts continuously scans the web for your images. You are automatically notified via email of any new findings. New matches are marked in the Alerts interface, and you can sort by date to bring the newest matches to the top of your results list.