MulticolorEngine adds remarkable color search to your products

Great color search starts with great color analysis

MulticolorEngine begins by identifying the dominant colors in your image

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Your color tagging isn’t cutting it

Your customers know what they’re looking for. Does your search help them find it? Somebody looking for sky blue isn’t looking for navy; one person calls a color red but another will say it’s orange. Classifying colors is surprisingly difficult, and manually tagging colors is time-consuming, error-prone and restricts your search to a limited palette.

MulticolorEngine automatically and consistently identifies the colors in your images. You can then search by any color; the results will be sorted by how close they are to the search color and by how much of the image matches. You can even search for images that match a whole palette!

Powering millions of searches

Remarkable, addictive color search for your products

Finds images matching any colors

Integrates easily with your existing technologies

Ignores solid and transparent backgrounds in images

Extracts color palettes from individual images or sets of images

Is fast, accurate and scales to any size image collection

How it works

MulticolorEngine analyzes the pixels in the images and does not use metadata, tags or any other information associated with an image. It derives all the color data it needs directly from your images.

The MulticolorEngine color database can also maintain additional information about your images (e.g., tags and categories) and allow you to search based on this information in addition to colors.

MulticolorEngine is delivered as a fully-hosted web API. It runs over HTTP or HTTPS using a REST protocol and JSON or XML formatted responses. There is no software to install and maintain.

MulticolorEngine is very likely the best color search tool in the world *

* Forgive us, we’re biased


  • up to 5,000 images
  • 2,000 monthly searches and color extractions
  • $200
  • USD per month
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  • $0.01 per image per month
  • $0.01 per search


  • up to 50,000 images
  • 60,000 monthly searches and color extractions
  • $500
  • USD per month
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  • $0.005 per image per month
  • $0.005 per search


  • up to 500,000 images
  • 300,000 monthly searches and color extractions
  • $1500
  • USD per month
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  • $0.0025 per image per month
  • $0.0025 per search


  • up to 500 million images
  • 50 million monthly searches and color extractions
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  • We customize plans for large collections
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Frequently asked questions

Q.Can I see MulticolorEngine in action?

Yes, you absolutely can! Visit TinEye labs to try searching by color and identifying color palettes.

Q.What can I use the MulticolorEngine API for?

MulticolorEngine, our color analysis API, allows your users to easily browse your collection using color. MulticolorEngine can also be used to create a comprehensive color palette from the images in your image collection.

MulticolorEngine is most useful when you have an image collection where color plays an important role, such as:

  • E-commerce
  • Fashion
  • Art collections
Q.How can I get started with the MulticolorEngine API?
  1. Select a plan.
  2. Sign up for an account.
  3. Use our Getting started guide to integrate your code with the API.
Q.How does MulticolorEngine work?

MulticolorEngine creates an index of the images in your collection by extracting detailed color information about each one. This information is kept in a specialized color database that facilitates fast searching based on color. This database can also maintain additional information about your images, such as tags and categories, and allow you to search based on this information as well as searching by color.

Q.What are the major functions supported by the API?
  • add and delete images from your collection.
  • color_search is the core color-based search method. You can search for images that match one or more colors, or find images that match the colors of another image.
  • extract_image_colors returns the dominant colors of a given image. This is useful if you want to use the color information about your images in an application outside of MulticolorEngine.
  • extract_collection_colors returns the colors of a subset of the images in your collection. This lets you show your users what colors you have, before they even start a color search.
  • count_collection_colors returns the number of your images that match a given color.
Q.Will MulticolorEngine work with my images?

MulticolorEngine works with most images. If you are concerned about your images or your particular use case scenario, please get in touch to describe your project in as much detail as possible, and we will provide an expert opinion. We are happy to work on challenging implementations!

Q.How do I prepare my image collection for use with MulticolorEngine?

Images should be in JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF or WebP format. They should be sized to approximately 600 pixels in the smallest dimension.

Q.Where can I find documentation about the MulticolorEngine API?

Documentation for the MulticolorEngine API can be found here.

Q.What programming languages are supported?

You can work with any language you like: the API uses a standard REST interface, which can be integrated with any major programming language. We give example code for several languages in our interactive developer documentation.

Q.How do I add my images to the MulticolorEngine API?

Images are submitted to the MulticolorEngine via an HTTP POST request using the API's add function. Submitted images are copied to our servers, where their color information is extracted and stored in your color DB. That information is used to find matches when searching by color. Images should be prepared as follows:

  • JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF or WebP file format (not animated)
  • Scaled to 600 pixels in the smallest dimension

Images that have not been scaled to 600 pixels will be scaled down automatically by the MulticolorEngine. However, large images increase transmission and processing time, so we recommend scaling the images ahead of time yourself.

Q.How are my images stored?

Your images are stored securely on our datacenter servers.

Q.Can I integrate MulticolorEngine with other search functions?

Yes! We designed MulticolorEngine with flexibility in mind. MulticolorEngine has extensive metadata support that allows you to associate and search by all sorts of data, such as keywords, prices or categories.