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Search by color. Remarkable, addictive, color search for your photographs and products.

What is MulticolorEngine?

MulticolorEngine is very likely the best color search engine in the world*.

MulticolorEngine lets you search your images using colors. It is delivered as a fully hosted API easily integrated with your website, enterprise solutions or web services. It is fast, accurate and remarkable at identifying and searching by colors. MulticolorEngine eliminates manual tagging of colors in images and supports a full set of metadata search capabilities. You can also use MulticolorEngine to extract color palettes from an image or a set of images.

* Forgive us, we are biased.

How it works

MulticolorEngine gives you the ability to search your images using colors as a search parameter. You are familiar with searching using keywords: you provide a keyword to a search engine and it replies with a list of search results that include that keyword. With MulticolorEngine, your search query is one or more colors and the results are images that contain your query colors.

MulticolorEngine analyzes the pixels in the images and does not use meta data, tags or any other information associated

with an image. It derives all the color data it needs from your images directly.

MulticolorEngine starts by indexing all the images in your collection. The indexing process involves extracting detailed color information from each image in your image collection. The extracted color information is stored in our specialized MulticolorEngine color database. This indexing process facilitates fast searching based on colors and allows our MulticolorEngine to scale to searching hundreds of millions of images.

The MulticolorEngine color database can also maintain additional information about your images (e.g., tags and categories) and allow you to search based on this information in addition to colors.

MulticolorEngine is delivered as a fully-hosted web API. It runs over HTTP using a REST protocol and JSON or XML formatted responses. There is no software to install and maintain.


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Finds images best matching any colors

MulticolorEngine generates a precise color representation for any image that it indexes. This color index is then used to return best color matches for any image.

Finds images best matching any colors
Integrates easily with your existing technologies

As a fully-hosted API, MulticolorEngine is not dependent on the programming languages, back-end technologies or operating system you currently use in your technical environment.

You can continue to hold your product or image information in your existing database. MulticolorEngine can return the same image or product identifiers you use now, along with its color search results.

Integrates easily with existing technology
Ignores solid and transparent backgrounds in images

Most products are photographed on a solid background. MulticolorEngine has been designed to ignore solid or transparent background colors when indexing images so that your image background is not included in your color index.

Ignores solid and transparent backgrounds
Extracts color palette of individual images or sets of images

MulticolorEngine is able to not only return colors existing in a single image but it can also extract colors from a set of images. Using this feature you could display all the colors you have available in sofas, chairs and tables, and then let a user filter their search to only display green chairs.

Extracts color palette
Supports metadata searching
Is fast, accurate and scales to any size image collection

MulticolorEngine has been developed by the team behind TinEye. TinEye is the world's first reverse image search engine. Give it an image and it will tell you where that image has appeared on the web by searching it's multi-billion image index.

Is fast, accurate and scalable


MulticolorEngine is a color search API for use with your image collection or products.
It allows you to find images that best match one or more colors. It is automated, accurate, fast and remarkable.

Pay As You Grow

  • 1 cent per image per month
  • 1 cent per search
  • $200
  • per month
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  • up to 20,000 images
  • 60,000 monthly searches
  • $500
  • per month
  • $500 one-time setup
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  • 1/2 cent per image per month
  • 1/2 cent per search


  • up to 200,000 images
  • 300,000 monthly searches
  • $1500
  • per month
  • $500 one-time setup
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  • 1/4 cent per image per month
  • 1/4 cent per search
Available Add-ons
  • Dedicated Server, SLA, Encryption


  • up to 500 million images
  • 50 million monthly searches
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