MobileEngine is image recognition for your mobile applications

Fast, scalable and accurate mobile image recognition

MobileEngine makes it easy for you to add image recognition to your app. You provide a reference database of images (e.g. artwork, consumer packaged goods, book covers, catalog pages, etc.) and when your users photograph that object, MobileEngine finds your matching reference image. MobileEngine helps you connect the physical world to the digital, using image recognition. We also offer WineEngine, a version of MobileEngine that is specifically tuned for wine, beer and spirits label recognition.

The MobileEngine API makes it easy for developers of all skill levels to integrate image recognition technology. MobileEngine provides everything you will need to make your images searchable using image recognition. You don't need to become an image recognition expert, develop image recognition algorithms or manage an infrastructure to support your integration.

MobileEngine is powered by TinEye's unparalleled image recognition technology and has been engineered and optimized to work with photographs captured by users' smart devices. This service uses exceptional image recognition algorithms to deal with low resolution photographs, occlusion, glare, color changes, rotation, skews and many other transformations common when consumers take photographs with their mobile devices.

Powering millions of searches

MobileEngine works with your own reference image collection and can recognize virtually any two dimensional object.

Make your product catalogs searchable by users via their mobile phones

Make your consumer packaged goods (CPG) searchable with a mobile phone

Recognize paintings and artwork from a photograph

Identify wallpapers, books, magazines, CD covers and anything with a distinctive pattern

How it works

Hosted API

MobileEngine is a fully hosted API. There is no software to install and no updates to worry about. By using our hosted API, you save time and money needed to build and maintain your own image recognition solutions.

Easy to integrate

MobileEngine is easily integrated with your existing technology, regardless of the languages and tools you use.

Fully documented

MobileEngine is a REST/JSON-based API that can easily be integrated with any existing system regardless of platform or programming language. We also support a growing number of language-specific libraries to make integration even more straight forward. Our documentation is extensive.

Scalable and high performance

MobileEngine scales. It can handle collections from hundreds of thousands to millions of images. Searching is fast, and optimized for mobile environments.

Proven technology

MobileEngine is based on TinEye's highly scalable and accurate image recognition technologies. Built by TinEye's image recognition scientists and backed by a decade of research and development, MobileEngine is the ideal image recognition solution for your mobile application deployments.

MobileEngine plans & pricing

Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, we have a plan for you


  • up to 5,000 images
  • 1,000 monthly searches
  • $200
  • USD per month
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  • $0.01 per image per month
  • $0.01 per search


  • up to 50,000 images
  • 30,000 monthly searches
  • $500
  • USD per month
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  • $0.005 per image per month
  • $0.005 per search


  • up to 500,000 images
  • 150,000 monthly searches
  • $1500
  • USD per month
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  • $0.003 per image per month
  • $0.003 per search


  • up to 500 million images
  • 50 million monthly searches
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Custom plans
  • We customize plans for large collections
  • that will scale to your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Q.What can I use the MobileEngine API for?

If your users need to locate information about specific goods and items, image recognition is a faster, more accurate way for users to search. Typing in keywords is slower and less accurate in most cases.

Where can I find documentation about the MobileEngine API?

Our complete MobileEngine documentation as well as all the supported libraries are available here.

Q.How can I get started with the MobileEngine API?
  1. Select a plan.
  2. Sign up for an account.
  3. Get started once we complete your server is set up.
Q.What kind of objects can MobileEngine recognize?

Almost all images of 2D objects work with the MobileEngine. For example artwork and catalog images.

Q.Can MobileEngine recognize faces or 3D objects?

No. MobileEngine is not optimized for facial recognition.
MobileEngine cannot recognize 3D shaped objects, like animals and plants.

Q.How accurate are the MobileEngine results?

They are very accurate.

MobileEngine can find matches for poorly lit and blurry photos. Perfect for mobile cameras.

Q.Will MobileEngine work with my images?

If you are unsure if the MobileEngine will work for your images or your particular use case, please get in touch and describe your problem in as much detail as possible and send us some example images.

Q.When I add images to my image collection, do other people get access to my images?

Never. Your images are only accessible to you.

Q.How do I add my images to the MobileEngine API?

Images are submitted to the MobileEngine API via the API‘s add function. Submitted images are automatically fingerprinted using our image recognition technology and made available for searching. Images should be prepared as follows:

  • JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, or TIFF format
  • Scaled to 600 pixels in the smallest dimension

Images larger than 600 pixels will be scaled down automatically by the TinEye MobileEngine. However, large images increase transmission and processing time.

Q.Can I access MobileEngine over HTTPS?

All of our APIs, including MobileEngine, can be accessed over HTTPS to keep your data protected.

Q.How does MobileEngine index my images?

The MobileEngine extracts information about the patterns within your images to create a unique 'fingerprint' for each image. The fingerprints are added to an index of all the fingerprints of the images in your collection. When searches are performed, this works by comparing the fingerprints of images, and even just partial matches can be found.

Q.What programming languages are supported?

The API is independent of the programming language you use, so you can work with any language you like.

Q.Can my mobile application send images directly to the API?

No, for security reasons you should never do this. Your mobile application should send the images to your server(s). Then your server can make an authenticated call to your MobileEngine API.