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We help you deploy customized image recognition solutions.

Leverage TinEye's image recognition technologies and expertise

Work directly with the TinEye engineering team and image recognition scientists on your next image-centric project. From one-off projects up to redundant high-performance long term systems, our team has built some of the most accurate and scalable systems and delivered on exacting project requirements.

Take advantage of TinEye's powerful image recognition algorithms, a flexible secure framework and robust image recognition architecture to deliver exceptional image recognition solutions that you can deploy within your organization or to your clients.

We can help you:

  • Locate your high-resolution original images using a low-resolution thumbnail image
  • Implement in-house fraud detection and loss prevention solutions
  • Intelligently auto-crop your images using our content-aware algorithms
  • Automatically re-apply manual Photoshop edits to different resolution photographs
  • Implement profile verification solutions
  • De-duplicate your corporate image collections
  • Reconcile large product image collections
  • Implement image filtering solutions
  • Verify user submitted images
  • Replace manual fraud identification processes with an automated service
  • Cluster images in your image collections
  • Verify user generated image submissions

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