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Build mobile application with fully integrated image recognition. Connect users with your product information via a camera phone.

What is MobileEngine?

MobileEngine uses TinEye's unparalleled image recognition technology to drive image search with your product images. Once integrated into your mobile application, MobileEngine allows your users to snap a photo and immediately receive information about the item photographed. MobileEngine is fast, accurate and scalable. MobileEngine has been optimized to work with lower-quality photos and deals with occlusions, glare, color changes, cropping, rotations, skews, and other transformations that are common when users take photos with their mobile phone.

What is MobileEngine?

How it works

MobileEngine is delivered as a fully-hosted web API. There is no software to install and it can be integrated with your existing technology, regardless of the languages and tools you use. The MobileEngine API runs over HTTP using a REST protocol and JSON responses.

The API is independent of whatever hardware or software your systems are

built with. REST/JSON bindings are available in all major programming languages, and we also support a growing number of language-specific libraries to make integration very straight forward.

The algorithms used by MobileEngine are written in C++ and assembly. The algorithms have been optimized to run on our servers.

MobileEngine technology is fueled by TinEye's ongoing image recognition research and development. As a company, we have spent a decade working on image search and recognition, visual similarity and image tracking.


Cannot be used for identifying humans, animals, plants, 3D objects such as automobiles, furniture, clothing, shoes, jewelery, or faces


MobileEngine allows users to search your product catalog using their camera phone. Even with a blurry, noisy, poorly lit image, it locates the best matching images in your image collection. You can build mobile applications with fully integrated image recognition and connect users with your product information.

Looking for an Enterprise Solution?

We customize plans for large collections - up to 500 million images and 50 million monthly searches.

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All Plans Feature:

Private Collections
Cancel Anytime
Upgrade Anytime
Awesome Support
Pay As You Grow
Monthly Cost
One-time Setup
Monthly Searches
Image Collection Size
per month
Additional Searches
Additional Collection
per month
per month
Dedicated Server
Encryption Support
Email Support
Phone Support
  • Monthly Cost: Base monthly fee, charged in advance of the month. Any overusage fees are charged the following month.
  • Setup Fee: This is a one-time fee to set up your API.
  • Monthly Searches: The number of searches you can perform each month without additional cost.
  • Image Collection Size: The maximum number of images you can have in your search collection with no additional cost.
  • Additional Searches: Per-search fee for use beyond your monthly limit.
  • Additional Collection: Monthly fee for usage beyond your image collection size, calculated based on daily average.
  • Dedicated Server: The physical computer(s) used to host your API and images will not be used for any other client's API.
  • SLA: Service Level Agreement. We guarantee this level of uptime per month.
  • Encryption Support: API calls can be made over HTTPS.
  • Email Support: Weekdays, 10am to 5pm ET.
  • Phone Support: Weekdays, 10am to 5pm ET.
  • Private Collections: Your images are not visible to anyone else.
  • Cancel Anytime: Cancellation will take effect at the end of your current billing period. You will not receive a refund for billing that has already occurred.
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